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I was thinking it is no longer needed for I applied for a forve leave. I already called central office and I only have with me is my application for force leave. Round trip ticket but the hotel reservation is not yet paid .already booked and they will expect us on Friday night..It says hotel can pay directly when we arrived caused we still want to used their bikes that might additional payment.... Hi, i am planning to go to thailand for a 3 days vacation.Or should I fill out the "Others" space and indicate that I am visiting my boyfriend.Ask q lang PC it's my first time to travel out of the country my sister sponsor me for tourist visa in Dubai next month what are the things that IO will ask? If they will ask a return ticket I only have here one way because my sister is the one who will buy for me.Go to your leader and demand this nonsense be ended. I ask the officer this is not our fault as passenger it your systems have big problem then what we are going to do about this that our plane already depart? Lapas simply said no need to worry after you clear your name from our side you can fly anytime you just re-book your air ticket but when I ask him is this fully refundable?He said you need to talk the Cebu Pacific staff then I run to the office of Cebu Pacific for re-booking of my ticket ASAP so that I can attend of my sisters wedding but the staff told me "sorry sir the re-booking of your ticket there is a charged of 5k all together with the travel tax, I really SHOUT!

I don't have any nuisance record to our country and why they treat me like that???

Can i tell them that i am a previous government employee?

What is the best answer so that i will not be off loaded? When I fill out the departure form, should I tick the "Tourism/pleasure"' box or "visiting family/friends".

Thank you just today i've been offloaded by this immigration officer. the fact that i show her all my documents,are we filipinos are not entitled to tour?

after complying for the necessary documents they will decide to offload us. but foreigners can easily come here in our country not knowing they are illegals.

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Is it really true that a person who is holding a visit visa departing from Philippines requires to get an affidavit of support from sponsor and notarized with red ribbon???

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